TAPP Begins Channel, Roll-Out With Nationally Syndicated Radio Host and NY Times Best Selling Author Steve Arterburn’s New Life TV

Los Angeles, March 20, 2014  Steve Arterburn, nationally syndicated radio host and New York Times bestselling author, will debut his New Life TV today on TAPP.  TAPP is the new subscription-based online platform just announced last week, which will be home to a roster of video channels built around personalities with super-fan followings.  Jeff Gaspin, former chairman of NBC Universal Television, and Jon Klein, former president of CNN/U.S., are TAPP co-founders and chairman and CEO, respectively.

Arterburn’s popular radio call-in show New Life Live, features Arterburn, a human relationship expert, and his co-hosts, dispensing Christian-based advice to three million weekly listeners who call in on a variety of problems—marriage, anger, grief, anxiety, abuse, addictions and other issues.  New Life TV will delve into these subjects in greater depth than the radio format allows, and offer members the opportunity to interact with Arterburn and his co-hosts during regular video chats.

New Life TV will feature a brand new 30-minute show every weekday, as well as shorter segments aimed at mobile users.  For $9.95 a month, fans of Arterburn (and his line-up of co-hosts) will be able to log onto tv.newlife.com and view new and archived material.  New Life TV will be available on multiple devices including smart phones, tablets, computers, laptops and smart TVs.

“New Life TV has all the attributes we’re looking for in a TAPP channel,” said Gaspin. “Steve has a large and very passionate following of fans who are hooked on his radio show, devour his books, flock to his workshops – and are eager to see more from him.”

“Steve talks about things you just can’t discuss on traditional television,” said Klein. “His shows on New Life TV are more jarring, honest, and emotional, thanks to the authentic connection Steve has with his audience.”

“New Life TV is about transforming lives,” said Arterburn, who has been a relationship and addiction counselor for over three decades. “This new platform gives us the time to drill down and connect on an even deeper level with anyone who wants to shed their pain and bad habits and embark upon a new and richer path.”

Initial New Life TV programs include:

  • “Broken Heart Diagnosis: You’re a Disaster Attracter” – Why you fall for the bad guy, or the one who’s just not into you, and how to break the cycle. The segment features a member of the New Life TV channel receiving counseling from Arterburn and his fellow counselors, via Skype.
  • “Tear Up your Fake ID” – Too many of us spend too much time trying to be the person we think others want us to be. Now is the time to end the facade and take back your identity. Arterburn shows subscribers how.
  • “Bible Integration” – As a bonus to New Life TV subscribers, Arterburn each week finds useful lessons from Scripture and connects them to the everyday issues of real life.
  • “Women Can be Holy and Horny” – So many marriages are impacted by a lack of intimacy. Often it has nothing to do with attraction, and everything to do with how you were raised and the values alive in your mind. Arterburn tells subscribers how to change the equation before it’s too late.
  • “A Young Man’s Battle with Sex Addiction” – Hear firsthand from a young man whose addiction to women and porn nearly destroyed his marriage. He opens up to Arterburn on how he came clean to his wife, and the journey he’s now on to help other men break the hold of their secret addiction.

TAPP channels, which will continue to roll out in the coming weeks and months, will feature the nation’s top thought leaders in the fields of sports, politics, religion, relationships, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, fitness and more, delivering daily content and up-close access to their most passionate followers.  Investors in TAPP include Discovery Communications and Demarest Films, as well as individuals including Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, and investment bankers Ken Moelis, Peter Ezersky and Michael Huber.

For more information, go to TAPPTV.com.

Michael Donkis

Caitlin Scott