Jeff Gaspin and Jon Klein first met 20 years ago while pioneering reality television at NBC and CBS, respectively. They were ahead of the curve then, and they’ve stayed there – helping to usher in the era of online video in the 2000’s, and now turning their sights to media’s next frontier: subscription television.

Digital media enables stars to reach their biggest fans directly on a smartphone or tablet – eliminating the network, studio, and cable system middlemen. Plummeting production costs mean that subscription channels built around ultra-niche personalities and their super-fans can become highly profitable in a very short time. Glenn Beck, Louis CK, Jon Stewart, Rand Paul, and WWE, among others, have all entered this lucrative arena.

Now imagine a single platform featuring scores of these subscription TV channels, showcasing the biggest names in endless niches all the way down the long tail. A niche Netflix. Sirius for subscription television. Generating big data troves about viewer behavior. That’s TAPP.

For personalities, we supply soup-to-nuts service – creating and producing their channels, distributing them over the Web and on apps, handling the marketing, and managing the back-end technology, payment processing, and data analytics. For consumers, we’re making a fantasy come true: the chance to watch micro-channels built around their interests and their idols.

For the television industry as we know it today, it’s a major disruption. Just as reality TV and online video were when Jeff and Jon blazed those trails.

TAPP Channels